1: "10 Easy Potluck Dishes That Will Still Wow a Crowd"

2: "1. Caprese Skewers: Fresh, flavorful, and simple to assemble for any gathering."

3: "2. Buffalo Chicken Dip: A creamy and spicy crowd-pleaser that disappears fast."

4: "3. Loaded Baked Potato Salad: A twist on a classic that will have everyone coming back for seconds."

5: "4. BBQ Meatballs: Sweet and savory little bites that are perfect for sharing."

6: "5. Spinach and Artichoke Dip: A creamy and cheesy dip that pairs perfectly with chips or veggies."

7: "6. Veggie Pasta Salad: A colorful and healthy dish that is easy to make and transport."

8: "7. Stuffed Mini Peppers: Bite-sized gems filled with creamy goodness."

9: "8. Lemon Bars: A sweet and tangy dessert that will be the hit of any potluck."