1: Gemini, known for their curiosity and adaptability, would welcome an alien abduction as a chance for new adventures.

2: Aquarius, with their open-mindedness and love for the unknown, may enjoy the excitement of being taken by aliens.

3: Sagittarius, the ultimate explorer of the zodiac, would see being kidnapped by aliens as a thrilling experience.

4: Alien abductions could provide Geminis with endless stories to share and keep their curious minds engaged.

5: Aquarius would find being taken by aliens a fascinating experience that aligns with their futuristic and unconventional views.

6: Sagittarius, always seeking new experiences, would eagerly embrace the opportunity to meet extraterrestrial beings.

7: With their intellectual curiosity and zest for life, Geminis would find being kidnapped by aliens an exhilarating experience.

8: Aquarius, with their visionary mindset, would see being taken by aliens as a chance to expand their knowledge of the universe.

9: Sagittarius, the eternal optimists, would see being abducted by aliens as an exciting chapter in their never-ending quest for adventure.