1: Fuel your mornings with these quick and satisfying keto breakfasts for busy school days.

2: 1. Avocado and eggs make a protein-packed combo for a nutritious start to the day.

3: 2. Whip up a delicious green smoothie with spinach, avocado, and coconut oil.

4: 3. Try a low-carb chia seed pudding topped with berries for a sweet and satisfying treat.

5: 4. Scramble some eggs with veggies and cheese for a hearty and delicious breakfast.

6: 5. Make a quick and easy keto friendly omelette with bacon, cheese, and avocado.

7: 6. Enjoy a creamy and filling keto yogurt parfait with nuts and seeds for extra crunch.

8: These 10-minute keto breakfasts are perfect for busy school days when you need a fast and healthy meal.

9: Start your day right with these delicious and easy-to-make keto breakfast recipes that will keep you full and energized.