1: Aries - The fiery roaster who never holds back, Aries is quick-witted and sharp-tongued.

2: Leo - The confident lion loves to show off their roasting skills, delivering burns with flair.

3: Sagittarius - With their playful and humorous nature, Sagittarius can roast with a light-hearted touch.

4: Scorpio - Known for their biting sarcasm, Scorpios' roasts cut deep with their intensity.

5: Gemini - The witty twins can effortlessly roast with their clever wordplay and sharp humor.

6: Virgo - Virgos' attention to detail enables them to craft precise and effective roasts.

7: Capricorn - Capricorns' dry wit and deadpan delivery make them masters of the roast.

8: Aquarius - The quirky water-bearer brings unconventional roasting techniques to the table.

9: Libra - Diplomatic Libras excel at delivering roasts with tact and charm, making them the ultimate roasting peacemakers.