1: Avoid overfeeding your furry friend. Measure meals and snacks to prevent obesity and health issues.

2: Neglecting regular exercise can lead to boredom and destructive behavior. Keep your pup active and happy.

3: Ignoring dental care can result in painful tooth problems. Brush your dog's teeth regularly for oral health.

4: Skipping regular grooming can lead to mats, skin infections, and discomfort. Brush and bathe your pup as needed.

5: Neglecting regular vet check-ups can result in undetected health issues. Schedule annual visits for a healthy pup.

6: Leaving toxic substances within reach can be dangerous. Keep household products and plants out of reach.

7: Lack of socialization can lead to fear and aggression. Introduce your dog to new people and pets gradually.

8: Harsh training methods can harm the bond with your pup. Use positive reinforcement for effective and loving training.

9: Neglecting to spay or neuter can contribute to overpopulation. Help control the pet population by fixing your dog.