1: Mediterranean Salad Basics Discover the key ingredients for a perfect Mediterranean salad.

2: Olive Oil Dressing Learn how to make a simple and flavorful olive oil dressing.

3: Feta Cheese and Olives Enhance your salad with the rich flavors of feta cheese and olives.

4: Roasted Vegetables Add depth and warmth to your salad with roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

5: Fresh Herbs Elevate your salad with the bright and fragrant flavors of fresh herbs.

6: Citrus Fruits Balance the flavors in your salad with the sweetness of citrus fruits.

7: Grilled Protein Make your salad a satisfying meal with grilled Mediterranean protein.

8: Toasted Nuts and Seeds Add crunch and nuttiness to your salad with toasted nuts and seeds.

9: Sumac and Za'atar Explore new Mediterranean spices to add a unique twist to your salad.