1: "Empire Spinoff Starring Taraji P Henson as Cookie Not Moving Forward at Fox"

2: "After the cancellation of Empire, plans for a spinoff starring Taraji P Henson as Cookie have been scrapped."

3: "Fans of the hit show were disappointed to hear that the proposed spinoff will not be moving forward."

4: "Despite initial excitement for the spinoff, it seems Fox has decided to focus on other projects instead."

5: "Taraji P Henson's portrayal of Cookie in Empire captured audiences, but unfortunately, we won't be seeing her in a spinoff."

6: "While fans may be disappointed, there's still hope for new and exciting projects featuring Taraji P Henson in the future."

7: "The decision to cancel the spinoff may come as a surprise to those who were eagerly anticipating more of Cookie's story."

8: "Empire fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite characters, including the beloved Cookie played by Taraji P Henson."

9: "Although the Empire spinoff starring Taraji P Henson as Cookie is not moving forward, fans can still enjoy the original series."