1: Discover the key differences between Google TV and Android TV to find the perfect streaming experience for you.

2: Google TV offers a more curated content experience with personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits.

3: Android TV, on the other hand, provides a more customizable experience with access to a wide range of apps and games.

4: Google TV integrates with Google Assistant for voice commands, while Android TV offers a similar experience with the Google Play Store.

5: With Google TV, you can easily access your favorite streaming services in one place, while Android TV allows for more flexibility in app selection.

6: Google TV includes a Watchlist feature to keep track of shows and movies, while Android TV offers a more traditional grid-style interface.

7: Both Google TV and Android TV support 4K HDR content for stunning picture quality on compatible devices.

8: Ultimately, the choice between Google TV and Android TV comes down to your preferences for content curation and customization.

9: Explore both options to see which one best suits your streaming needs and enjoy a seamless entertainment experience.