1: Homemade Weight Loss Juice - Discover how to shed 10kg in just 20 days with these effective juice recipes.

2: Lemon and Ginger Juice - Boost metabolism and burn fat with this refreshing weight loss juice.

3: Cucumber and Mint Juice - Detoxify your body and promote weight loss with this hydrating juice blend.

4: Pineapple and Kale Juice - Packed with nutrients, this green juice will aid in shedding those extra pounds.

5: Beetroot and Carrot Juice - Improve digestion and accelerate weight loss with this vibrant juice recipe.

6: Watermelon and Basil Juice - Stay hydrated and curb cravings with this delicious weight loss juice.

7: Apple and Celery Juice - Reduce bloating and slim down with this fiber-rich juice blend.

8: Spinach and Kiwi Juice - Boost energy levels and support weight loss with this nutrient-dense juice.

9: Orange and Turmeric Juice - Fight inflammation and promote fat burning with this spicy weight loss juice.