1: Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, confirms spinoff series about his character is not happening.

2: Fans of Jon Snow will have to say goodbye as Kit Harington shuts down any hopes for a spinoff series.

3: Game of Thrones fans disappointed as Kit Harington clarifies no spinoff series for Jon Snow.

4: Kit Harington ends speculation about Game of Thrones spinoff focused on Jon Snow.

5: HBO's plans for Jon Snow spinoff series canceled, says Kit Harington.

6: Kit Harington officially confirms no Game of Thrones spinoff series featuring Jon Snow.

7: Jon Snow spinoff series not in the works, according to Kit Harington.

8: Kit Harington crushes hopes for Jon Snow spinoff from Game of Thrones.

9: Kit Harington dashes dreams of Game of Thrones spinoff centered on Jon Snow.