1: 1. Tony and Ziva reunite, creating sparks. 2. Intense action sequences take center stage. 3. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo shine.

2: 4. The mystery of Ziva's past is revealed. 5. Tony and Ziva navigate their complicated relationship. 6. Fans thrilled for the long-awaited spinoff.

3: 7. Unexpected twists keep viewers on the edge. 8. Emotional rollercoaster with Tony and Ziva. 9. Paramount delivers another hit series.

4: 10. Chemistry between Weatherly and de Pablo. 11. Spinoff promises exciting storylines. 12. NCIS fans eagerly awaiting premiere.

5: 13. Tony and Ziva's banter steals the show. 14. Tension between the duo reaches new heights. 15. Paramount's highly anticipated spinoff debuts.

6: 16. Weatherly and de Pablo's on-screen dynamic. 17. Spinoff explores darker themes and mysteries. 18. Tony and Ziva's relationship takes center stage.

7: 19. Heart-pounding action sequences set the tone. 20. Weatherly and de Pablo fans rejoice. 21. Paramount's new hit series on the horizon.

8: 22. Tony and Ziva's journey captivates audiences. 23. Complex characters and compelling narrative. 24. The Tony and Ziva spinoff earns rave reviews.

9: 25. Fans countdown to Tony and Ziva's return. 26. Weatherly and de Pablo's undeniable chemistry. 27. Paramount's newest must-watch series.