1: 1. Constantly Checking Your Social Media 2. Random Texts or Calls Out of the Blue 3. Mutual Friends Spilling the Beans

2: 4. They Keep Bringing Up Your Past Relationship 5. Constantly Liking or Commenting on Your Posts 6. Trying to Make You Jealous

3: 7. Finding Excuses to See You 8. Asking About Your Love Life 9. Getting Emotional When Talking About the Breakup

4: 10. Stalking Your Online Activity 11. Bringing Up Inside Jokes or Memories 12. Finding Reasons to Contact You

5: 13. Showing Up at Places You Frequent 14. Trying to Make Small Talk or Start Conversations 15. Posting Sad or Emotional Updates on Social Media

6: 16. Sending Gifts or Flowers 17. Trying to Rekindle the Spark 18. Making an Effort to Stay in Touch

7: 19. Apologizing for Past Mistakes 20. Complimenting You or Your Accomplishments 21. Acting Nervous or Awkward Around You

8: 22. Asking Friends About You 23. Trying to Get Your Attention 24. Finding Reasons to Talk or Interact with You

9: 25. Remembering Important Dates or Anniversaries 26. Making Plans for the Future Involving You 27. Saying They Miss You and Want You Back