1: "The Big Bang Theory CBS Returns" Exciting news for fans as a new spinoff series is in the works.

2: "Meet the Cast" Get to know the characters and actors who will be part of the new spinoff.

3: "Theory 1: Sheldon's Legacy" Could the spinoff focus on Sheldon's scientific endeavors?

4: "Theory 2: Penny's Past" Explore the possibility of delving into Penny's backstory.

5: "Theory 3: Raj's Romance" Will Raj find love in the spinoff series?

6: "Theory 4: Howard's Humor" Expect plenty of laughs with Howard's comedic timing.

7: "Theory 5: Bernadette's Business" Could Bernadette's career take center stage in the spinoff?

8: "Theory 6: Amy's Achievements" Will Amy continue her groundbreaking work in the new series?

9: "Theory 7: Leonard's Legacy" Discover how Leonard's scientific pursuits could shape the spinoff.